Recent Changes

Recent Schedule and Website Updates

The Saturday meeting at the Juvenile Detention Center is no longer meeting.
The Wednesday 5:30 PM – Happy Hour Group has become a Living Sober Book Study. The book study began October 25th, 2017. The Happy Hour Group meets at the Aberdeen Alano Club, 823 W Heron St, Aberdeen.
We have recently completed some minor revisions to the website which might be valuable for you to know.

Schedule Updated

We have updated the schedule. the most current version is February 2018 and has a couple of updates.


Available Feature

Our wordpress framework provides us access to many wonderful and useful tools to help make this site more attractive and user-friendly. ¬†Every page now comes with a “Print” PDF conversion widget installed. You will find this to be a useful feature when wanting to print documents and announcements for your groups meetings.

Founders Day Booklet

As a courtesy we have uploaded a copy to the impressive Founders Day Booklet that was prepared, with the help of Micheal P., by the 2013 Founders Day Committee…follow the links on the website to download a copy of

Please keep us in mind during the announcement portion of your meetings (AA21.Org). Simply, the more accurate this website becomes, the more useful it will be for our members and visitors who choose to use it. We become better at “carrying the message to the still suffering….”

Thanks! Please let me know if you have questions, comments or otherwise require assistance



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